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Mission & Vision


Our Mission, Our Responsible Commitment


At Hytech, we are convinced that what matters the most are not the companies but the people that conform them; hence we are a group that, above all, has attitude of service. We do what we enjoy doing: Engineering for people, our ultimate customers, who trust us with their future and even their businesses. It is for these reasons that our mission is to offer the best solutions within our reach with transparency and sincerity as our core values.

Our Vision,
Our Motivation


Being already the leading company and reference of and from Argentina in the fields of process design, engineering and equipment and internals provision, we have recently opened new locations in South, Central and North America, looking to expand and bring our model and know-how and thrive as a world-class multinational firm. We are already a company with international experience, which stands out for exceeding our customers' quality of service expectations, for providing ample professional development opportunities to our people, and for contributing to the growth of our region with better and more affordable solutions.

Our Values


Along with transparency, sincerity, and motivation, it is our most profound belief that technological innovation through engineering is the main driver for the development of the world in which we live in. It is our intention to achieve this by the means of strong social responsibility policies and environmental awareness, and by promoting the creation of job opportunities through our independent ventures.

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