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eFEED - The Key to a Smoother Project Design


eFEED is a powerful project execution system specifically designed for complex and fast track projects.

Shutdown-centered Solutions


Complex and time sensitive revamps require that that the design is aimed at minimizing offline duration.

Comprehensive Facility Assessment


As facilities grow over their lifecycle, control over the design and operation becomes increasingly difficult from the front-end point of view. Sometimes critical drawings go missing or they are not updated, and plant data sets are not complete and available. That is why a complete facility assesment is key to a successful revamp or expansion project.

Detailed Tie-in Planning


Tie-in planning starts a very front-end phase by identifying potential tie-in points on site and condition the design to their availability. Whenever possible, tie-ins are designed in such a way that if the operators wishes to fall back to the previous configuration, we can do so by valve manipulation.

Superior Plant Modeling and Conceptualization


The heart of every revamp is to accurately model the existing and already running plant. That unlocks the possibility to explore new configurations and scenarios for the facility with confidence and technical and methodical rigor.

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