Notable Projects


Linear Alkyl Benzene Complex - eFEED Expansion Project

40% expansion of the throughput capacity (from 51 to 72 KTPY). The Front End contract includes the usual scope for this type of jobs plus Site and Process surveys, a Debottlenecking study, HAZOP, a Constructability study and Class III Cost Estimate.

SBCDL Early Production System - Grassroots EPC Project

10,000 BPD Early Production Facility, including gas compression, dehydration and water treatment for well disposal. The EPC is a joint effort between Hytech and SIMA. This unconventionals project also includes the detail design and standardization of the regional well pad facilities.

ITAU Gas Plant - Grassroots EPC Project

200 MMSCFD Dew Point adjustment and acid gas removal plant. The EPC was a joint venture between Hytech, Exterran and Bolivia-based Kaiser. The multinational project saw contribution from engineering and procurement teams and fabrication shops scattered between Texas (USA), Dubai, Buenos Aires (ARG), Santa Cruz (BOL) and Aldridge (UK). The competion time reached 19 months. The plant is located in Tarija, Bolivia.

Gran Chaco Cryogenic Plant - Grassroots eFEED Project

Extended Front End Engineering Design for the entire 1 BSCFD plant, including: LPG & Gasoline storage, gas & multiphase interconnection pipelines, residual gas compression, truck loading stations, LPG, Pentanes and Gasoline pumping stations, mechanical design of pressurized vessels and heat exchangers, regional market analysis and logistics strategy for LPG and Gasoline products, plant placement-oriented topographical and geological studies, environmental and social impact studies. The plant is located in Tarija, Bolivia.

Campana Refinery - Multiple Expansion eFEED Projects

65% expansion of the refinery capacity by upgrading the crude distillation and vacuum units using a new pre-flash vacuum column, and installing a new preheating train.

Ensenada Refinery - Multiple Expansion eFEED Projects

Crude distillation unit expansion from 75,500 BPD to 88,000 BPD while changing the crude slate to a lighter shale feed. The heat recovery configuration of the unit had to be upgraded to a more integrated setup due to a decrease in reduced crude by half under the new scenario.

Increase of processing capacity of the FCCU “B” fractionation and gascon sections, including a new steam production WHB by recovering heat from the cracking regenerator.

South Texas Gas Treating & Stabilization Plants - Debottlenecking and Capacity Expansion

Conceptual engineering for the debottlenecking and 15% capacity expansion of two 150 MMSCFD gas treating (acid gas removal and dehydration) and condensate stabilization facilities located in South Texas (Eagle Ford). The engineering modifications introduced eliminated the production of undesired off-spec Y-grade.

Tout Lui Faut Refinery - New Unit eFEED Project

New gasoline complex in the Tout Lui Faut Refinery, District Wanica, Suriname, comprising a naphtha splitter unit (4,100 BPSD), a semi-regenerative catalytic reformer (3,100 BPSD), and a light naphtha isomerization reactor (900 BPSD).

The refinery throughput capacity was increased to 15,000 BPSD and included 

several processing units to produce diesel, gasoline, and fuel oil from

Puerto Gral San Martin Complex - New Unit eFEED Project

New hydrogenation unit for pyrolysis gasoline (C4+) to selectively eliminate diolefines from 1100 BPSD Gasoline, including feed fractionation and product fractionation and stabilization.

The full plant model was designed starting from a conceptual design of the 

reaction supplied by the catalyst manufacturer. Existing equipment was reused to the greatest extent, which included adjusting reaction conditions to fit an existing hydrogenation reactor into the process.

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